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Jazz on WGBH with Eric Jackson Dec 30, 2010

8:00PM - 12:00AM
8:03:50PM	The Panther
  	Name: Dexter Gordon
Name of CD: The Panther!
Composer: Dexter Gordon
Track Label: Prestige
Catalog Number: 770

8:11:13PM	Heavy On The Sauce
  	Name: Bobby Watson
Name of CD: The Gates BBQ Suite
Composer: Bobby Watson
Track Label: Bobby Watson
Catalog Number: 01

8:18:15PM	Drifttin'
  	Name: Herbie Hancock
Name of CD: Takin' Off
Composer: Herbie Hancock
Track Label: Blue Note
Catalog Number: 37643

8:28:12PM	Line For Lyons
  	Name: Billy Taylor
Name of CD: Dr. T
Composer: Gerry Mulligan
Track Label: GRP
Catalog Number: 9692

8:34:11PM	This Or That
  	Name: Ryan Cohan
Name of CD: Another Look
Composer: Ryan Cohan
Track Label: Motema
Catalog Number: 45

8:43:27PM	Bye Y'all
  	Name: Yotam
Name of CD: Yotam
Composer: Yotam Silberstein
Track Label: Jazz Legacy Productions
Catalog Number: 1001008

8:50:30PM	Shifting Sands
  	Name: Curtis Woodbury
Name of CD: Curtis Woodbury
Composer: Dave Holland
Track Label: Jazz Hang
Catalog Number: 101

8:58:38PM	Heat
  	Name: Patrick Williams
Name of CD: Aurora
Composer: Patrick Williams
Track Label: ArtistShare
Catalog Number: 0109

9:07:58PM	Going Home
  	Name: Takuya Kuroda
Name of CD: Bitter And High
Composer: Takuya Kuroda
Track Label: Takuya Kuroda
UPC: 8450136827

9:17:00PM	Body And Soul
  	Name: Billy Taylor
Name of CD: Music Keeps Us Young
Composer: Johnny Greeen
Track Label: Arkadia
Catalog Number: 71601

9:28:52PM	At The House, In Da Pocket
  	Name: Marsalis Family
Name of CD: Music Redeems
Composer: Jason Marsalis
Track Label: Marsalis
Catalog Number: 0013

9:37:22PM	J-Man
  	Name: Bill O'Connell
Name of CD: Rhapsody In Revolution
Composer: Bill O'Connell
Track Label: Challenge Records
Catalog Number: 73303

9:44:15PM	Joyspring
  	Name: Billy Taylor
Name of CD: Ten Fingers One Voice
Composer: Clifford Brown/Jon Hendricks
Track Label: Arkadia
Catalog Number: 71602

8:00:00PM	Lubumbashi
  	Name: Geof Bradfield
Name of CD: African Flowers
Composer: Geof Bradfield
Track Label: Origin
Catalog Number: 82572

10:02:53PM	Devotional/Call To Prayer/Processional/Representaive 
Offerings/The Lord's Prayer
  	Name: Wynton Marsalis
Name of CD: Call To Prayer
Composer: Wynton Marsalis
Track Label: Columbia
Catalog Number: 53220

10:29:03PM	1000 Rainbows
  	Name: Jim Rotondi
Name of CD: 1000 Rainbows
Composer: Buddy Montgomery
Track Label: Posi-Tone
Catalog Number: 8062

10:36:13PM	Say A Little Prayer
  	Name: Louis Hayes Jazz Communicators
Name of CD: Lou's Idea
Composer: Burt Bacharach/Hal David
Track Label: American Showplace
UPC: 6494222662

10:43:46PM	24/7
  	Name: Mason Brothers
Name of CD: Two Sides One Story
Composer: Elliot and Brad Mason
Track Label: Archival
Catalog Number: 1583

10:55:40PM	Skylark
  	Name: Gregory Porter
Name of CD: Water
Composer: H. Carmichael/Johnny Mercer
Track Label: Motema
Catalog Number: 41

11:03:54PM	Battle Circle
  	Name: Clayton Brothers
Name of CD: The New Song And Dance
Composer: Gerald Clayton
Track Label: ArtistShare
Catalog Number: 0107

11:15:41PM	Billie Jean
  	Name: Joey Defrancesco
Name of CD: Never Can Say Goodbye
Composer: M. Jackson
Track Label: Highnote
Catalog Number: 7215

11:27:46PM	Island Birdie
  	Name: Elvin Jones
Name of CD: In Europe
Composer: McCoy Tyner
Track Label: Enja
Catalog Number: 79675

11:42:00PM	In Loving Memory
  	Name: Billy Taylor
Name of CD: Urban Griot
Composer: Billy Taylor
Track Label: Soundpost
Catalog Number: 3050

11:48:11PM	'Round Midnight
  	Name: Billy Taylor
Name of CD: Dr. T
Composer: Cootie Williams-Thelonious Monk
Track Label: GRP
Catalog Number: 9692

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