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Louis Erlanger louisx at myfairpoint.net
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There should be a special for Billy Taylor, and then they should build a 
monument for him. Mainstream media has always been clueless, but better 
there be an often repeated spokesperson like Marsalis than none at all. 
Those interested will dig deeper and find the rest. I'd like to see someone 
in the mainstream cover the work it takes for the great ones to become 
great-- give it the respect it deserves. People think you just go out there 
and play your emotions -- they need education on how much work is required 
to reach the seemingly effortless result.

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> On the other hand, CBS did co a nice tribute to Dr. T on Sunday  morning
> this past weekend. Dignified and comprehensive, not quite as "adoring"  as 
> the
> 60 Minutes segment on Wynton, but appropriate nonetheless.
> Ed
> On Jan 3, 2011, at 8:26 PM, Bobby Jackson wrote:
>>  I agree with you Jae.  I love Wynton.  He is tireless in putting the
> music in front of people BUT he is not the only one in the jazz universe 
> doing
> great things.  60 minutes should follow up and do something special for
> Dr.  Billy Taylor or at least CBS Sunday Morning who literally snubbed him
> during a  huge anniversary show they did some years ago.   It's wearisome 
> isn't
> it?????
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