[JPL] A DMCA question...

Louis Erlanger louisx at myfairpoint.net
Tue Jan 4 16:25:29 EST 2011

I'm pretty sure that only applies if you\r station posts podcasts, because 
the podcasts can in essence be considered an album of material by that 
artist.  I never heard of this being an issue for straight broadcasts.

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> As I recall, I've asked this question on the list before, but never 
> received
> much feedback.
> Recently there have been a number of playlists posted that feature an 
> artist
> in-depth; in one case the entire show was dedicated to that one artist. 
> How
> is it possible to do this these days?  I've been informed in no uncertain
> terms by the PD at KBCS that I can't do this, period.  For years I did an
> annual "Bright Moments" tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk featuring his music
> exclusively.  I've had to change the format.
> I'm a volunteer, not part of station management, so I'm not "in tune" with
> all of the technical/legal stuff involved.  If a station does not stream 
> to
> the web and is broadcast only does this make a difference?  How is WKCR 
> able
> to continue to do their "marathons" of everything an artist has recorded?
> Is it political connections?  Or "deep pockets" and being able to risk a
> fine?
> Thanks, and Happy New Year to everyone here.
> Bill Barton
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