[JPL] A DMCA question...

Russ Maloney rmaloney at uindy.edu
Tue Jan 4 16:24:13 EST 2011

It is illegal as fas as streaming rules (governed by SoundExchange) go. 
I'm guessing the station either a)ignores the rule, b)is ignorant of the 
rule, or c)doesn't stream their signal during that time. I suspect it's 
a), but you never know.

Bill Barton wrote:
> As I recall, I've asked this question on the list before, but never received
> much feedback.
> Recently there have been a number of playlists posted that feature an artist
> in-depth; in one case the entire show was dedicated to that one artist.  How
> is it possible to do this these days?  I've been informed in no uncertain
> terms by the PD at KBCS that I can't do this, period.  For years I did an
> annual "Bright Moments" tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk featuring his music
> exclusively.  I've had to change the format.
> I'm a volunteer, not part of station management, so I'm not "in tune" with
> all of the technical/legal stuff involved.  If a station does not stream to
> the web and is broadcast only does this make a difference?  How is WKCR able
> to continue to do their "marathons" of everything an artist has recorded?
> Is it political connections?  Or "deep pockets" and being able to risk a
> fine?
> Thanks, and Happy New Year to everyone here.
> Bill Barton
> host/producer - Bright Moments - KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3 FM
> co-host - Flotation Device - KBCS
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