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Happy new year Lazaro and fellow JPLers,

An artist in the leader role is only part of the representation of his craft as a player.  Side men display his/her ability to support a leader and is another part of his/her tool kit.  It all leads to a certain level of clarity and actually is more refined when you look at a body of an artists work in it's totality. Truth be told,  I actually enjoy The Brecker Brothers work as sidemen better than their leadered dates.  I had a conversation with Christian McBride not too long ago and asked him what took him so long to lead his own date?  One of the things he said to me was that as a leader of a band, he often sublimates himself to the work put in by various sidemen.  He said, the overall vision of the project is his but all of the musicians have a turn at "leading" when playing a tune.  Branford Marsalis recently said that as much as he loves Art Tatum, he wasn't very good as an accompaniment to others in certain situations.  The sideman role is also part of an artist legacy as a player.  Don't downplay its importance in looking at the musician as a whole.  

Government should never play a role in making up rules for how radio stations should program music.  I believe getting permission from the artist or record companies to be able to play more than three songs on a project over the course of the hour is the better way to handle it.  Governments are clunky in how they conduct business and would just pass that clunky sensibility to programmers who want to present music as elegantly as they can.  Point in case, the Canadian government requires Canadian radio stations to program at least 30% Canadian musicians for each hour of programming.  It is well intentioned as is the US government but not very useful or practical for stations trying to make good radio.  They should mind their own business and leave programming in the hands of true professionals.  Legislating how art should be presented is like Broadcast Architecture telling stations what to play.  We see what happened there........

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On Jan 6, 2011, at 12:08 PM, Lazaro Vega wrote:

> The leader. The trouble I have with the sideman route is those
> recordings might not represent the artist most clearly, and your
> essentially programming for something other than the music. Yes, it is
> one way to deal with these rules, but a better way is to write your
> people in government and give them the link to the legistlation
> mentioned above asking for a repleal of these rule as relates to
> public radio music programming.
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