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Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 6 13:38:01 EST 2011

Hi, Bobb

actually, the amount of Canadian content varies according to
the type of license that a station has.  At CKUW, the required
CC percentage varies from show to show.  My jazz show and
other specialty music (world, classical) is at 15%, set by the station,
while the actual CRTC requirement is 10% for that category 3
show.   The "core" type music - rock, country, pop, alt rock --
is as high as 35%.  The show preceding mine is 30% and that's
a contemporary pop/alt pop format.

A lot of community/college stations have a good degree of flexibility
when it comes to setting limits. I guess there's a "balancing out"
factor involved.  Not so much with commercial stations I expect.

I'm sure that Nou out in Vancouver likely has different requirements
based on the kind of license that the CRTC grants.


At 12:52 PM 1/6/2011 -0500, you wrote:

>Happy new year Lazaro and fellow JPLers,
>An artist in the leader role is only part of the representation of his 
>craft as a player.  Side men display his/her ability to support a leader 
>and is another part of his/her tool kit.  It all leads to a certain level 
>of clarity and actually is more refined when you look at a body of an 
>artists work in it's totality. Truth be told,  I actually enjoy The 
>Brecker Brothers work as sidemen better than their leadered dates.  I had 
>a conversation with Christian McBride not too long ago and asked him what 
>took him so long to lead his own date?  One of the things he said to me 
>was that as a leader of a band, he often sublimates himself to the work 
>put in by various sidemen.  He said, the overall vision of the project is 
>his but all of the musicians have a turn at "leading" when playing a 
>tune.  Branford Marsalis recently said that as much as he loves Art Tatum, 
>he wasn't very good as an accompaniment to others in certain 
>situations.  The sideman role is also part of an artist legacy as a 
>player.  Don't downplay its importance in looking at the musician as a whole.
>Government should never play a role in making up rules for how radio 
>stations should program music.  I believe getting permission from the 
>artist or record companies to be able to play more than three songs on a 
>project over the course of the hour is the better way to handle 
>it.  Governments are clunky in how they conduct business and would just 
>pass that clunky sensibility to programmers who want to present music as 
>elegantly as they can.  Point in case, the Canadian government requires 
>Canadian radio stations to program at least 30% Canadian musicians for 
>each hour of programming.  It is well intentioned as is the US government 
>but not very useful or practical for stations trying to make good 
>radio.  They should mind their own business and leave programming in the 
>hands of true professionals.  Legislating how art should be presented is 
>like Broadcast Architecture telling stations what to play.  We see what 
>happened there........
>Bobby Jackson
>ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net
>On Jan 6, 2011, at 12:08 PM, Lazaro Vega wrote:
> >
> > The leader. The trouble I have with the sideman route is those
> > recordings might not represent the artist most clearly, and your
> > essentially programming for something other than the music. Yes, it is
> > one way to deal with these rules, but a better way is to write your
> > people in government and give them the link to the legistlation
> > mentioned above asking for a repleal of these rule as relates to
> > public radio music programming.
> >
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