[JPL] A DMCA question...

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You're right, and in the future I'm sure there will be no difference between 
streaming and CDs. In fact, probably most music will be streamed on mobile 
devices and downloads will go the way of the 8-track.  It's a tough issue 
that needs to be resolved, and I agree there is huge value in hearing the 
full range of an artist's work on a single show moderated by a knowledgeable 
person.  So I see legitimacy in both sides of the argument but I think a 
better solution than the existing one needs to be provided. I just don't 
have it to offer.

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>> Just not in the case of streaming, which is often worse in quality than a
>> tape copy.
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> And actually, that's not even really the case across the board with
> streaming any longer. In the early days of streaming -- like early 
> RealAudio
> -- and less user bandwidth, the streamed audio was pretty bad. But today,
> higher bit rate MP3 or AAC+ streams are providing quality equal to that of
> MP3 or AAC files people listen to on their MP3 players.
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