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Fri Jan 7 01:03:41 EST 2011

LATE NITE DRIVE - explorations in Jazz that’s sayin’ something…

>From WBCX, “The Voice of Brenau.” FM: 89.1 throughout NE Georgia. Internet stream: [link @] www.brenau.edu/wbcx. …airing at midnight, every Wednesday through 3 a.m. Thursday (E.S.T.) 

Playlist for 1-5-11

Artist/"Track Title"/ALBUM-CD/Label/Yr Released

Dr. Cornell West/"Jazz Man In The World Of Ideas"/CHOICES/Concord Jazz/'09

Larry Young/"Of Love And Peace"/OF LOVE AND PEACE/Blue Note/'66

William Parker/"Flash"/PAINTER'S SPRING/Thirsty Ear/'00

Marc Cary/"Turning"/RHODES AHEAD/Jazzateria/'99

Gerald Cleaver's Veil Of Names/"Sight"/ADJUST/Fresh Sound New Talent/'00

Greg Osby/"Penetrating Stare"/ZERO/Blue Note/'98

Killer Shrimp/"Baltic Wharf"/WHATEVER SINCERELY-TALES FROM THE BALTIC WHARF/33 Records/'10

Julian Arguelles/"Gallows Humor"/ESCAPADE/Provacateur/'04

Charles Lloyd/"Little Peace"/SANGAM/ECM/'06

Adonis Rose/"Robin In The Park; pt 1"/ON THE VERGE/Criss Cross Jazz/'07

Campbell-Whitecage-Fonda-Grassi/"Like Sonny"/LOWER EAST SIDE BLUES/Porter Records/'09

Mosaic Sextet/"Bassoon Lines"/MOSAIC SEXTET/GM Recordings/'01

Liam Sillery/"Intentionality"/PHENOMENOLOGY/OA 2 Records/'10

Pascal Niggenkemper/"Popov"/PASAPAS/Konnex Records/'09

Eric Revis/"Black Elk Speaks"/TALES OF THE STUTTERING MIME/11:11/'04

Matthew Shipp/"Quantum Waves"/HARMONIC DISORDER/Thirsty Ear/'09

Liberty Ellman/"Looking Up"/OPHIUCHUS BUTTERFLY/PI Recordings/'06

Nicole Mitchell-Exploding Star Orchestra/"15 Ways to a Finite Universe"/WE ARE ALL FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE/Thrill Jockey/'07

Ingrid Laubrock/"Betterboon"/ANTI-HOUSE/Intakt Records/'10

Clifford Thornton/"Mahiya Illa Zalab"/PANTHER AND THE LASH/Gravure Universelle/'71

Courvoisier-Feldman/"Coastlines"/TO FLY TO STEAL/Intakt Records/'10

Andrew Hill/"Judgment"/JUDGMENT/Blue Note/'64

Rick Parker Collective/"Roots"/FINDING SPACE/WJF Records/'07

Mike Pride/"Reese Witherspoon"/BETWEENWHILE/AUM Fidelity/'10

Priester-Rivers-Martine/"Mister Mayor Mister Miser"/HINTS ON LIGHT AND SHADOW/Postcards/'97

Speed-Cuong Vu-Sverrisson-Black/"Planing"/YEAH NO/Songlines Recordings/'97

Jim Rotondi/"Not Like This"/1000 RAINBOWS/Posi-Tone/'10

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