[JPL] Promos for Sale

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 8 16:06:10 EST 2011

Nope. Not a one.  But I've sure got my share of
promos on EBay purchases.  And the used cd
stores here in Winnipeg have a lot.  And in a
town this size it's not too hard to figure out
who is dumping into the used stores -- no
commercial stations with jazz,CBC, one newspaper
jazz critic, and two college stations, and I know
the two hosts at our station don't do that.

I'll give 'em away or make ashtrays or tree mobiles
 if I can't give them away.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

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> Did you ever sell a promo CD? The truth now!
> http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2011/01/07/132744291/for-
> promotional-use-only-not-for-resale-oh-yes-it-is
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