[JPL] Bopndick on Duquesne's acceptance

Dick Crockett bopndick at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 15 03:00:54 EST 2011

BOPNDICK SEZ:    14 Jan '11

The press Duquesne University press release of “voting to accept an offer to acquire the University's radio station, WDOQ-FM...” and turning the programming over to...”a desired non profit independent buyer-an organization with a mission of helping  communities nationwide build public media services since 2001.”
It sounds to me, that instead of hearing jazz and eclectic programming during the day, the University has decided to accept the buy out, for whatever reason, or as Frank Zappa would say “We're in it for the money!”  
Absurd  you say, but Frank knew what it was all about, fifty years ago.
 This means that Pittsburgh will hear the same stuff that I'm hearing in Sacramento.  The NPR, “Let's Leave At That, For Now” news service, throughout the day. When I want to hear the music.
How can I expect that complicated solves the problem?
This is not to say that NPR is a wus!  They have as much to  say as the AM RAGE SHOCKS, THE FOX NEWS  CRAZIES and the MSNBC NAY SAYERS.
This or these non profits promoting NPR, which is offering	                                                                         simply programming-plugging into a network, that discourages local origination is not good!

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