[JPL] my farewell to jazz broadcasting

richard gangi straightwithchaser at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 12:08:41 EST 2011

To all of you who carry the torch,
As a matter of needing to find a new path, I sadly say goodbye to all of you.
Tonight will be my final show. 'Straight with Chaser' has been fun, but like all things...it has a life. Tonight, I will burry it at 10.00pm EST.
I will no longer be your point of contact for WFIT. Matt Heister - host of 'Freedom in the Groove' - an exciting new and contemporary jazz show, will take on the responcibilities of Jazz director (with or without the official title)...and he should be added to this list server. Keep it going junior...you have a great show.
His email address is: matthewheister at hotmail.com 
My greatest honor was being affiliated with the legendary Jack Simpson, with over 40 years of jazz broadcasting, and countless stories of when jazz was thriving. He has been my mentor and friend during my time at WFIT. I love this man, and will always look to him as the "authority" on real jazz.
Thank God for people like Stevie Lee, former host of "Body and Soul"...who continues to show us the meaning of the word friend. I love you honey.
Terry, Todd, Barbara, and the rest of the WFIT staff - it has been a great ride, thank you for providing me the opportunity to bring jazz to Brevard county. And while I wish we could have filled my slot with another jazz show, i am sure the station will make a selection for a show that stands true to the needs of the community -as you have done with every show on this great station of ours.
As for the Jazzproglist, it was great fun and very informative being part of this news group for the last 4 years, thank you - and all the distributors and independants who have made WFIT jazz programming the success that it has been.  I am certain that you will find Matt Heister to be an equally appreciative part of your online community.
Good Luck to all of you,

Rich Gangi 

former Director of Jazz Programming 
and Host of "Straight with Chaser" 
7-10 pm Wednesdays EST 
also simulcast: www.wfit.org 

89.5 WFIT FM 
150 W. University Blvd. 
Melbourne, FL 32901 


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