[JPL] my farewell to jazz broadcasting

Nou Dadoun nou.dadoun at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 12:24:26 EST 2011

Here's hoping it's a farewell to jazz broadcasting and not a farewell to
jazz; best of luck in your future endeavours .. N

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 9:08 AM, richard gangi <
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> To all of you who carry the torch,
> As a matter of needing to find a new path, I sadly say goodbye to all of
> you.
> Tonight will be my final show. 'Straight with Chaser' has been fun, but
> like all things...it has a life. Tonight, I will burry it at 10.00pm EST.
> I will no longer be your point of contact for WFIT. Matt Heister - host of
> 'Freedom in the Groove' - an exciting new and contemporary jazz show, will
> take on the responcibilities of Jazz director (with or without the official
> title)...and he should be added to this list server. Keep it going
> junior...you have a great show.
> His email address is: matthewheister at hotmail.com
> My greatest honor was being affiliated with the legendary Jack Simpson,
> with over 40 years of jazz broadcasting, and countless stories of when jazz
> was thriving. He has been my mentor and friend during my time at WFIT. I
> love this man, and will always look to him as the "authority" on real jazz.
> Thank God for people like Stevie Lee, former host of "Body and Soul"...who
> continues to show us the meaning of the word friend. I love you honey.
> Terry, Todd, Barbara, and the rest of the WFIT staff - it has been a great
> ride, thank you for providing me the opportunity to bring jazz to Brevard
> county. And while I wish we could have filled my slot with another jazz
> show, i am sure the station will make a selection for a show that stands
> true to the needs of the community -as you have done with every show on this
> great station of ours.
> As for the Jazzproglist, it was great fun and very informative being part
> of this news group for the last 4 years, thank you - and all the
> distributors and independants who have made WFIT jazz programming the
> success that it has been.  I am certain that you will find Matt Heister to
> be an equally appreciative part of your online community.
> Good Luck to all of you,
> Regards,
> Rich Gangi
> former Director of Jazz Programming
> and Host of "Straight with Chaser"
> 7-10 pm Wednesdays EST
> also simulcast: www.wfit.org
> 89.5 WFIT FM
> 150 W. University Blvd.
> Melbourne, FL 32901
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