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Lots to check out, Thanks All!

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> I am fortunate that here at KUVO/KVJZ we have a veteran on air host who
> like me is a fan of cartoons. I am sure that Doug Crane who is a member of
> this forum can chime in with more examples and details about jazz in
> cartoons
> I'll take the Fleischer Brothers cartoons over Disney and Looney Toons any
> day, their toons were more urban and gritty than Disney and were also more
> advanced in their animation skills. Back in the 1930s, they produced Betty
> Boop shorts with live film and animated appearances by Louis Armstrong and
> Cab Calloway in addition to having many  jazz soundtracks in their other
> shorts including Popeye. There one 1940's Popeye toon with his 5 nephews
> rehearsing their horns for a jazz band keeping Popeye the Sailor up all
> night.
> Many don't realize that the Betty Boop was based on the real life Black
> Harlem based singer, Baby Esther, a flapper from the jazz age.
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