[JPL] Patrick Williams "Aurora"

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
Mon Jan 24 23:42:08 EST 2011

My first thought was that it would certainly still be available on the 
ArtistShare website.  But it's not.  All gone.

It looks like only 2000 CD's were made.  I know these ArtistShare 
recordings are all limited editions but only 2,000 copies?  That's less 
than what Mosaic issues of their boxed sets!

A 320k MP3 is available for download but no more CD's.  All the more 
strange as the CD included a barcode--at least the copy KUVO has.  If 
there were to be only 2000 CD's, why bother with a barcode?


On 1/24/2011 9:03 PM, Larry Appelbaum wrote:
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> How strange--one of the best cd's from 2010 is already out of print? Amazon says the Patrick Williams CD Aurora is currently unavailable. I've got a listener who wants to purchase several copies, but can't find them anywhere. Anybody know what's going on with this recording?
> Larry
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