[JPL] Jazz in cartoons

Mark Griffith nomsgmusic at verizon.net
Tue Jan 25 02:57:56 EST 2011

I'm shocked that this hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread.

But... Raymond Scott and The Secret 7 "The Unexpected" is a fun- 
tastic jazz recording that Mr. Scott did with a band  featuring Toots  
Theilmans, Sweets Edison, Wild Bill Davis, Eddie Costa, Sam "The  
Man"  Taylor, Kenny Burrell, Milt Hinton, and  Elvin Jones. It is  
music inspired by Nursery Rhymes, a few standards, and a lot of music  
inspired by his "cartoon music" career. It's a CLASSIC recording of  
"cartoon related" music played by THE jazz masters!!!!

Although this new collection does sound interesting.

Mark Griffith
On Jan 20, 2011, at 5:26 PM, Peter Solomon wrote:

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> This new sampler of disney music performed by jazz musicians makes  
> me want
> to hear some of the original soundtrack music that featured jazz  
> musicians.
> I have access to Peggy Lee doing music from "ady and the Tramp"and  
> I am
> guessing that Louis Primas performances from Jungle Book are pretty  
> easy to
> find, but some of the cartoons that used jazz scores are much more
> obscure. Can anyone recommend some good compilations or soundtracks  
> to check
> out?
> Thanks
> Peter
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