[JPL] Recent (and not so recent) outages in monitoring of KSJS by MediaGuide

Bradley Stone stonebradley1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 15:35:32 EST 2011

Aloha Colleagues,

We have been experiencing regular, but intermittent, outages in the
monitoring of KSJS by MediaGuide in recent months.  I have noticed this
through the regular monitoring of my own show using yes.com and more
recently directly via mediaguide.  The outages typically happen for short
periods of time (on the order of minutes), so that a song, or a few songs,
are not picked up, then spins start to register again.  Occasionally the
monitoring has been out for longer periods of time.  This is of great
concern to me, since we are a university radio station with only a few jazz
shows (as opposed to some stations that are virtually jazz 24/7) - given
that, every spin counts!

Doug Hall at MediaGuide tells me that they are working on some intermittent
monitoring issues with KSJS, that has to do with their monitoring
equipment.  For the past several weeks, I have been sending him regular
reports as to which tracks were not picked up during my show.  I intend to
continue to send him that information, and also post to the JPL, so that you
can see which tracks were missed.  On a chart where 200 spins in a week can
often mean a No. 1 - again, every spin counts!

The light is on,


P.S. Missed this week on my show on Sunday, 1/23:

Tarbaby - E-math - 10:04 a.m.

Of course, this is only for my show, and doesn't reflect any spin losses
from Kevin, Ramon or Mikes' shows.

Dr. Brad Stone
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San Jose State University
San Jose, CA   95102-0094
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