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Thu Jan 27 21:54:57 EST 2011

LATE NITE DRIVE - explorations in Jazz that’s sayin’ something…

>From WBCX, “The Voice of Brenau.” FM: 89.1 throughout NE Georgia. Internet stream: [link @] www.brenau.edu/wbcx. …airing at midnight, every Wednesday through 3 a.m. Thursday (E.S.T.) 

Playlist for 1-26-11

Artist/"Track Title"/ALBUM-CD/Label/Yr Released

Dr. Cornel West/"Jazz Man In The World Of Ideas"/CHOICES/Concord Jazz/'09

Gary Bartz NTU Troop/"Celestial Blues"/HARLEM BUSH MUSIC-UHURU/Milestone/'71

Stephan Schmolck/"Palmengarten"/ELECTRIC BUNDLE/Konnex Records/'05

Mike Clark/"The Grinder"/ACTUAL PROOF/Platform One/'00

Weather Report/"Adios"/SWEETNIGHTER/Columbia/'74

Wayne Escoffery/"The Alchemist"/INTUITION/Nagel Heyer Records/'04

Liberty Ellman/"Tectonic Tightrope"/ORTHODOXY/Red Giant/'97

Ralph Alessi/"Option 8"/COGNITIVE DISSONANCE/CAM Jazz/'10

Scott Amendola Band/"My Son, The Wanderer"/CRY/Cryptogramophone/'03

Daniel Humair/"Vlada V"/BABY BOOM II/BEE Jazz/'08

Jason Lindner Big Band/"Inbal"/LIVE AT THE JAZZ GALLERY/Anzic Records/'07

Henry Threadgill/"Too Much Sugar"/TOO MUCH SUGAR FOR A DIME/Island Records/'93

Joseph Daley Earth Tones Ensemble/"Gula-Gluttony"/THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS/Jaro Medien/'10

Gebhard Ullmann/"Almost Twenty-Eight"/NEW BASEMENT RESEARCH/Soul Note/'07

Steve Lehman/"Open Music"/ON MEANING/PI Recordings/'07

Hilmar Jensson/"Everything Is Temporary"/DITTY BLEI/Songlines/'04

Geof Bradfield/"Nairobi Transit"/AFRICAN FLOWERS/Origin/'10

Miles Davis/"Maiysha"/AGHARTA/Columbia/'76

Hideki-Mori-Frith/"Imperial Thorn"/DEATH AMBIENT/Tzadic Records/'96

Alan Pasqua/"Fast Food"/THE ANTISOCIAL CLUB/Cryptogramophone/'07

Erik Truffaz/"Flamingos"/WALK OF THE GIANT TURTLE/Blue Note/'03

Gary Thomas/"Exile's Gate"/FOUND ON SORDID STREETS/Winter and Winter/'98

Andy Emler MegaOctet/"West In Peace"/WEST IN PEACE/Nocturne/'07

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