[JPL] Monday January 31st 2011 "Jazz Til Dawn" * Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

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Fri Jan 28 21:24:55 EST 2011

Jazz til Dawn continues ...  Bigger than ever!!!!!!


    Now from Sunday @ 12:00pm to 6am Monday .... that's 6.0 hours of


    This Week’s Schedule


    12:00pm-1:00am The Breeze – John Deagan


    1:00am-2:00am Anything Goes – Lise Avery


        Anything Goes Lise Avery #527 

    “Anything Goes” - Tony Bennett with Count Basie &
      Orch (Themesong)

      “Bei Mir Bis Du Schoen” - Dick Hyman & Chris Hopkins

      “I’ve Got the World on a String” - Dick Hyman & Chris Hopkins

      “Right Here, Right Now” - Karen Mason

      “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” - Fred Astaire w/Johnny Green and

      “Nice Work If You Can Get It” - Fred Astaire with Ray Noble &

      “You Can Close Your Eyes” - James Taylor

      “Warm & Willing” - Nat Cole

      “When My Sugar Goes Down the Street” - Peggy Lee

      “Dizzy Spells” - Dick Hyman & Chris Hopkins

      “Let Yourself Go ” - Fred Astaire

      “Runnin’ Wild” - Dick Hyman & Chris Hopkins

      "Ridin’ High” - Ella Fitzgerald w/Buddy Bregman’s Orch

    2-4am New York Jazz – Tom Parker


    4-5am Anything Goes – Lise Avery


        Anything Goes Lise Avery #529 Benny Goodman Special (part 2
      of 2)

    "Anything Goes" - Tony Bennett with Count Basie &
      Orch (Themesong)
"Don't Be That Way" - Benny Goodman & Orch

      Benny Goodman Soundbite
"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen" - Benny Goodman & Orch w/Martha
      Tilton on vocals

      "Flying Home"- Benny Goodman Sextet
"Elmers Tune" - Benny Goodman & Orch w/Peggy Lee on vocals

      "Why Dontcha Do Right?" - Benny Goodman & Orch w/Peggy Lee on
"Freedom Train" - Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, Johhny Mercer,
      Margaret Whiting,
"Air Mail Special"- Benny Goodman & Orch
"The World is Waiting for the Sunrise" - Benny Goodman Quartet
"Swingtime in the Rockies" - Benny Goodman & Orch
"Ridin' High" - Benny Goodman & Orch            
"Sing Me a Swing Song & Let Me Dance" - Benny Goodman Orch
      w/Helen Ward on the vocals

      "Life Goes to a Party" - Benny Goodman Quartet


    5-6am Jazz Made In Australia – hosted by Paula Langlands


    Check out the incidental music:


    Artist / CD Title / Track Title / Label

    Wayne Wallace / The Nature Of The Beat / Fascinatin' Rhythm / Patois

    Paul Desmond / Bridge Over Troubled Water / America / Verve

    * Descargo / Jazzaziz Vol 4. / Red Rocket / Jazzaziz WA

    Ray Vega / Boperation / Tangerine / Concord:Universal


    * Australian artists on recording

    streaming live 24/7 at http://www.radio.adelaide.edu.au/listenonline


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