[JPL] Cadence Magazine to cease publication

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Although it's been a few years since I last saw a current Cadence, they were
invaluable for their incredible in-depth interview and extensive reviews.
The other scary thought is what's to become of their distribution arm North
Country/Cadence Building distribution, although there's slight overlap with
other North American "out" distributors (like Forced Exposure), they were
the go-to distributors for a lot of minor label and European releases.

Bad news indeed ... N

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 9:51 AM, Bob Rogers <taintradio at gmail.com> wrote:

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> What a loss! Of all of the publications focused on this music, for me
> Cadence Magazine is consistently the top "must read."  I certainly
> understand why Bob Rusch made this decision; his commitment to editorial
> independence ain't exactly the road to riches or even solvency.  Rusch and
> all the denizens of the Cadence Building are truly heroes of creative,
> improvised music for having created and maintained a wonderful,
> irreplaceable publication over the years.
> It would be nice though fanciful (it's always fanciful to suppose that one
> might dissuade Bob Rusch of anything whatsoever) to hope that a surge of
> new
> subscriptions to Cadence's final year of operation might persuade Rusch
> reconsider his decision.  Be that as it may, cheers for Rusch, the Cadence
> staff and contributors, and for editorial independence.  Long live Cadence!
> Best regards,
> Bob Rogers
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> Subject: [JPL] Cadence Magazine to cease publication
> Just received my January/February/March issue of Cadence in the mail today.
>  A brief note by editor Bob Rusch in the "Cadence & You" section announced
> that this will be the first of the final four issues of the magazine ending
> with the October/November/December 2011 issue unless another publisher
> would
> wish to continue it.
> I wondered how long it might survive after transitioning from a monthly to
> a
> quarterly publication.  Unfortunately now I know the answer: 4 years.
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