[JPL] CKLN FM In Trouble

Lawrence Lebo lawrencelebo at lawrencelebo.com
Sat Jan 29 15:13:39 EST 2011

Sad news. CKLN FM in Toronto has had their licence revoked.
-Lawrence Lebo

"Lawrence Lebo is a musical minimalist intent on framing American Roots music as its indivisible 
subatomic pieces, in the case of Volume 3, blues, jazz, folk and western swing.  Her approach is 
deconstructive, an effort to strip away 50 years of interpretive veneer to expose the original genres in 
their most basic forms.  One could cast her as a musical theologian formulating her systematic theology 
from the canon of American Music and not be far off of exactly how important." - C. Michael Bailey



CKLN-FM Toronto – Revocation of licence
In this decision, the Commission revokes, by majority vote, the broadcasting licence for CKLN-FM Toronto, 
held by CKLN Radio Incorporated, as of 12 February 2011. In reaching this determination, the Commission 
considered the serious and continuous nature of the licensee’s non-compliance with numerous regulatory 
obligations, the station’s inability to institute the measures necessary to ensure ongoing compliance, 
and the lack of confidence on the part of the Commission that such measures could or would be instituted 
within a reasonable amount of time. The licensee must cease broadcasting on 12 February 2011, by no later 
than the end of the broadcast day.
A dissenting opinion by Com.

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