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    WTJU 91.1FM, Charlottesville, VA        
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    Jazz Spins w/e 02/03/11        
    Jazz Music Director: David Eisenman        
    Station Phone: 434-243-8833        
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Spins    Artist    Album    Label
    New Adds: NP new promotional; SA station acquired        
NP    Sonny Fortune    Night At Sweet Rhythm    Sound Reason
NP    Michael Formanek    The Rub And Spare Change    ECM
NP    Donny McCaslin    Perpetual Motion    Greenleaf
NP    Jeremy Pelt    The Talented Mr. Pelt    HighNote
NP    Marcus Miller    A Night In Monte-Carlo    3 Deuces
NP    Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell    Lágrimas Mexicanas    Eone
NP    Robert Hurst    Bob Ya Head    Bebob
NP    New York Electric Piano    Keys To The City Volumes 1 & 2    Buffalo Puppy
NP    Herb Alpert & Lani Hall    I Feel You    Concord
NP    Doug Webb    Renovations    Posi-tone
NP    Noah Preminger    Before The Rain    Palmetto
NP    Diego Urcola    Appreciation    CamJazz
4    Adam Larrabee    Money Jungle    Slang Sanctuary
4    Joe Lovano    Us Five Bird Songs    Blue Note
3    Afrocubismo    Afrocubismo    Nonesuch
2    Nancy Marano    Magic    Laughing Face
2    Plunge    Tin Fish Tango    Immersion
2    Matija Dedic    MD In NYC    Origin
2    Wayne Wallace    To Hear From There    Patois
2    Jane Ira Bloom    Wingwalker    Outline
2    Mary Halvorson    Saturn Sings    Firehouse12
2    Krown Washington Batiste    Triple Threat    self produced
2    Sue Orfield    Nobody's Lookin'    self produced
2    Kip Williams    Time    Enuphase
2    The City Champs    The Set-Up    Electraphonic
2    Various Artists    Freedom Rhythm & Sound Vol 1    Soul Jazz LP
2    Various Artists    Freedom Rhythm & Sound Vol 2    Soul Jazz LP
2    Grand Marquis    Hold On To Me    Grand Rhythm
2    William Parker    Uncle Joe's Spirit House    Centering
2    Randy Weston    The Story Teller    Motema
2    Helio Alves    Misica    JLP
2    Four    On A Warm Summer's Evenin'    Jazz Hang
2    Tarbaby    The End Of Fear    Posi-Tone
2    Royce Campbell    What Is This Thing Called?    Philology
2    The Microscopic Septet    Friday The Thirteenth    Cuneiform
2    Steve Gadd    Live At Voce    BFM Jazz
2    Cassandra Wilson    Silver Pony    Blue Note
2    Jason Robinson    The Two Faces of Janus    Cuneiform
2    Louis Hayes    Lou's Idea    American Showplace
2    Russell Malone    Triple Play    MaxJazz
2    Kevin Eubanks    Zen Food    Mack Avenue
2    Various Artists    California Concert: The Hollywood Palladium     CTI Records
1    DeFrancesco Brothers    DeFrancesco Brothers    Vector Disc
1    Tom Luer    Project Popular    Origin
1    Patrick Butler    Transcender    self produced
1    Q.E.D    Yet What is Any Ocean...    Origin
1    Jonas Tauber    Port Saïd Street    Origin
1    Marty Nau    Mood Ebony    Summit
1    Henry Franklin    Shanghai    SP Records
1    Dave Miller    Rapture    Summit
1    Robert Wyatt / Atzmon / Stephen    For The Ghosts Within    Domino
1    Steve Tibbetts    Acoustibbetts    ECM
1    Mark Weinstein    Jazz Brasil    Jazzhead
1    Marty Williams    Long Time Comin'    In Moon Bay
1    Jacques Coursil    Trails Of Tears    Sunnyside
1    Bob Szajner    On The Bench In The Zone    Quixotic
1    Jake Fryer/Bud Shank Quintet    In Good Company    Capri
1    Julian Yeo    You And The Night / Night And The Music    self produced
1    Heavy Tin    Refused    Concinnity
1    Joel Harrison    The Music Of Paul Motian    Sunnyside
1    David Caceres    David Caceres    Sunnyside
1    The City Champs    The Safecracker    Electraphonic
1    Chet Baker    She Was Too Good To Me    CTI
1    Jonathan Kreisberg    Shadowless    New For Now
1    Joseph Daley's Earth Tone Ensemble    The Seven Deadly Sins    Jaro
1    Luther Hughes    Things Are Getting Better    Primrose Lane
1    Marisa Anderson    The Golden Hour    self produced
1    Dave Hanlon    Hot & Sweet    Tasty Tracks
1    Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson & Peter Evans    Electric Fruit    Thristy Ear
1    Ehud Asherie    Organic    Posi-tone
1    Alex Hargreaves    Prelude    Adventure
1    Eva Scow + Dusty Brough    Sharon By The Sea    Adventure
1    Bob Sheppard    Close Your Eyes    BFM Jazz
1    Kate Priestley    Kate Priestley    MC2
1    Steve Abshire & Paul Wingo    Detour Ahead    Patuxent
1    Stanley Schumacher    Jive At 5-05    self produced
1    Joe Deninzon    Exuberance    self produced
1    Suzanne Pittson    Out Of The Hub    Vineland
1    Isabel Rose    Swingin' From The Hip    Jubilee
1    Brian Hogans    Evidence Of Things To Come    Turnaround
1    Mitchel Forman    Lost and Found    Marsis
1    Carol Emmanuel    Allow It To Happen    self produced
1    Gordon Lee    This Path    OA2
1    Curtis Woodbury    Curtis Woodbury    Jazz Hang
1    John Coltrane    Impressions    Impulse
1    Cecil Taylor    Ailanthus/ Altissima    Triple Point LP
1    Dave Brubeck    Legacy Of A Legend    Columbia

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