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wtf 19
Bob French, Milenburg Joys  (Marsalis Music Honors Bob French)    2007
Bob Greene, Mr. Jelly Lord  (St. Peter Street Strutters)    2009
Bobby Darin, Jive
Brian Cullman, Missing You By Miles  (All Fires The Fire)  2007
Brian Groder & Burton Greene, Cryptic Means (Groder & Greene) 2009
Bruce Eisenbeil, Klaus Kugel, Perry Robinson, Peter Evance, Hilliard Greene,
Bobosong (Carnival Ski)  2006
Bukka White, New Orleans Streamline (Takoma Slide) 1999
Burnt Sugar, Fubractive C  (Fubractive Since Antiquity Suite) 2001
Captain Beefheart, Tupelo (Grow Fins: Rarities 1965-1982)    1966
Carl Hancock Rux, Geneva (Good Bread Alley) 2007

wtf 20
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Jubilee)  2003
Heather Greene & Bill Frissell, Five Dollar Dress
Heernt, Quick Groove Rolling  (Locked In A Basement) 2006
Henry Johnson, John Henry (The Union County Flash!)
Hoots & Hellmouth, Rattle These Bones (Hoots & Hellmouth) 2007
Hornheads, Head Case (Fat Lip) 2004
The Horse Flies, Human Fly (In the Dance Tent)  2000
The Bad Plus, title (Never Stop) 2010
Bill Wolford, Chickens (Head) 1998
Billy Bang, title (Big Bang Theory)
CC Adcock, Stealin' All Day (Lafayette Marquis) 2004
Pink Martini, title (Hey Eugene!) 2007
Polk Miner & His Old South Quartette, Oysters & Wine at 2 A.M.

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