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Why should you join the show? David from Brisbane, Australia, explains 
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"I was really happy to become a member even though i can only contribute 
10 bucks a month, (there was loose change in my couch cushions, how bout 
that), would love to be able to give more.  I just wanted to say that I 
look forward to your interviews every week and really appreciate the 
questions you have to the different musicians.

"As an aspiring jazz musician here in Brisbane (you may already know 
that Brisbane is not the centre of the Jazz Universe) your show opens my 
eyes to a lot of different musicians and music that we just don't get 
here in Australia, so i really dig the new names that I have been able 
to get into. I especially dug the interview with John Patitucci and also 
David Binney, although at this point a whole lot more come to mind. So 
anyway again just wanted to say I dig it … and ask please that more 
people contribute to this great jazz resource."

Please note that during the month of May I'll be posting three shows 
each week. I got a little crazy with the interviews when I moved to NYC, 
and I need to add an interview each week to get through them all. In 
June the show will go back to two days a week.

Next week on the show: Billy Harper (TJS #265, Monday), Anthony Wilson 
(TJS #266, Wednesday) and Slumgum's Jon Armstrong (TJS #267, Friday).

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This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #262: Maria Schneider. Composer Maria Schneider’s most recent CD is 
Sky Blue (ArtistShare). Now Schneider has turned her attention to the 
classical world, composing music for soprano and orchestra. In this 
interview, Schneider talks about how a meeting with soprano Dawn Upshaw 
led to this new direction in her music; how she waded through oceans of 
poetry to find the text she wanted for her new pieces; and how a chance 
comment from a college professor led her to the world of jazz. SHOW 

TJS #263: Sean Smith. Bassist Sean Smith's new CD is called Trust. In 
this interview, Smith talks about the idea of trust among musicians; 
recalls Bill Finnegan's teachings; and talks about the potentially 
career-ending injury that gave him a new lease on life and music. SHOW 

TJS #264: Chris Washburne. Chris Washburne and The SYOTOS Band explore 
the softer side of latin jazz on Fields Of Moons. In this interview, 
Washburne talks about his own entry in the latin music world; his 
experiences with Tito Puente and other giants; and why he decided to 
explore quieter music on the new CD. SHOW AVAILABLE STARTING 5/6/11.

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