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Soulandjazz.com Presents:
Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 48: “Jazz-Funk 1975, Part 2”

This week’s episode continues with the music that got me into Jazz, beginning with a firm foundation of Jazz-Funk circa 1975, which then blossomed into thirty-six years of blissful travel & exploration through the Jazz continuum.

You can download it here – free, legal, and in greater clarity than you ever dreamed of back when you listened to a transistor radio or mono hi-fi:  http://bit.ly/ismyNN

This show begins in the same position that Part 1 ends – with the music of Herbie Hancock, followed by solid funk grooves laid down by Mandrill, Ronnie Foster, The Bar-Kays, and Parliament. We then explore some Jazz-Funk/Fusion deep cuts & rare grooves from the likes of The Brecker Brothers, Cedar Walton, Nucleus, Gabor Szabo, Harvey Mason, Johnny Hammond, and Grover Washington Jr. Of course I had to include a little Earth, Wind & Fire – so, they provide the background music bed linking everything together, just as they did in my own journey to Jazz.

These two parts of ‘Jazz-Funk 1975’ reveal the sound & style that captured my mind and soul in adolescence, giving birth to a passion that would eventually turn me into the “Jazz Evangelist”. If I have an ‘origin story’, this music is the soundtrack. ☺

Please get in touch and let me know the artist and songs that introduced you to Jazz, or sparked your initial interest in this Continuum – particularly if they happen to fall in this era of Jazz-Funk and Fusion. I’ll include your picks in upcoming episodes – just send your comments & suggestions to Scott at SoulandJazz.com.

PLAYLIST: Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz

Episode 49: “Jazz-Funk 1975, Part 2”

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man (Live) - Flood - 1975

Mandrill - Dirty Ole Man - Beast From The East - 1975

Ronnie Foster - Heartless - Cheshire Cat - 1975

The Bar-Kays - Whitehouseorgy - Too Hot To Stop - 1976

Parliament - Night of the Thumpasorus People - Mothership Connection - 1975

The Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk - Brecker Bros. - 1975

Cedar Walton - Road Island Red - Mobius  - 1975

Nucleus - Phaideaux Corner - Alley Cat - 1975

Gabor Szabo - Ziggidy Zag - Macho - 1975

Harvey Mason - Hop Scotch - Marching In The Street - 1975

Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadores Chocolates - Gears - 1975

Grover Washington Jr. - Hydra - Feels So Good - 1975

Background Music:
 Earth Wind & Fire - Biyo - Spirit - 1975

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