[JPL] JazzWeek Summit 2011: Register Now -- Hotel Reservations close May 16

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Glad you survived and are on the mend.  Careful: "Cars are everywhere!"

On 5/13/2011 10:14 AM, Ken Irwin - WMUA Jazz Music Dir. wrote:
> Ed,
> Last month, on April 15th one of my favorite days, I was in an accident while driving my motorcycle when a motorist decided to cut in front of me with no signal. I obliged him and smashed into his Honda Accord. The last month has been a painful one of recovery and recuperation. Thanks to a good helmet, leather protective clothing, 40 years of riding experience, and a clear head I was able to minimize the impact of the collision and escaped with a few broken ribs, some road rash, and blunt force trauma on my hip knee and shoulde; What I like to refer to as a "sprained right side of the body." Recovery is a slow process but I am getting better every day. I had a goal to be back in good form for the Summit. Went to the doc the other day, things are going well, and today I made my reservation at the hotel and for the Summit. Gotta' have goals! I am psyched and looking forward to seeing you and all the other "kindred spirits" in Rochester.
> Peace,
> Ken
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> **The 2011 JazzWeek Summit is approaching quickly!**
> This year's Summit will be June 16-18 at the Rochester Radisson Riverside
> Hotel alongside the world-renowned Xerox Rochester International Jazz
> Festival.
> REGISTER NOW: http://summit.jazzweek.com/registration/
> HOTEL RESERVATIONS: http://summit.jazzweek.com/hoteltravel/
> JazzWeek's mission is to provide a knowledge base for promoting and
> programming jazz using new media, radio, the internet and other traditional
> and non-traditional avenues.
> The JazzWeek Summit is a place to get artists, jazz radio, internet
> broadcasters, program producers, labels, management together. As with our
> past summits, we promise not to rehash the same old panel topics in a quick
> once-over-lightly session; there will be plenty of time to discuss and
> explore each topic.
> The 2011 Summit will further focus on using social media to advance jazz and
> on internet as well as terrestrial broadcasting.
> **The 2011 JazzWeek Summit is made possible in large part by North Coast
> Brewing, brewers of Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale**
> *Ed Trefzger, Editor*
> JazzWeek
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> Rochester, NY 14624-1507
> phone: 585-226-1968
> aim: trefzgermedia
> skype/twitter/facebook: edtrefzger
> http://www.jazzweek.com

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