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Interesting discussion, I have to admit my pulse always quickens when I get
a little white box from Origin but I think of Origin as part of the extended
regional scene that includes Vancouver and Seattle (our Vancouver signal
carries to Bellingham and current plans are to double our signal strength
later this year which I'm told should take it as far as Seattle), Matt &
Thom are semi-regular visitors, Chad McCullough was here last week, and Cory
Weeds and friends go down the other way; I announce the Ballard Jazz Fest
artists and play related tunes, and I've written John asking about potential
visits from other Origin artists (like Jessica Williams who at one time
played here quite often).

These is much to be said for documenting the local scene - I know that there
are great dry periods in Vancouver's history where many now-legendary
ensembles were simply never recorded (Al Neil comes to mind) and others were
anthologized by other chroniclers of the west coast in general, like Vinnie
Golia and Nine Winds out of L.A.  One need only look at the late career
renaissance of the woefully under-recorded Hadley Caliman to appreciate the
great work that Origin has done in getting behind its artists.

I think that great music will always be welcome, I'm not complaining about a
glut of releases but just expressing the fear that there aren't enough hours
in the day to do justice to them!


On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Tom Marcello <tom at joelocke.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
>  I'm glad that John Bishop told his point of view, and I want to add that
> Origin is not the sole decision maker of when releases are made on Origin.
> Origin is in some sense a "partner" in each release with the Artist, and
> the Artist may have their own professional reasons ( touring dates
> especially) that help determine when the release date is. I might add, that
> the Artist retains ownership of the product that is provided to Origin.
> That said, I can only say that all programmers should focus on excellent
> and moving music and let the chips fall where they may. Keep in mind what
> drew you to the music, on a emotional level, in the first place and you will
> make that connection with your listeners.
> I'm looking forward to see many of you next month at JazzWeek!
> Best,
> Tom
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