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Thu May 19 00:46:09 EDT 2011

Rudresh Mahanthappa, Convergence (Kinsmen) 2008
Becca Stevens, You Can Fight (Weightless) 2011
Red June, A Quiet Mind/McKinney Blues (Remember Me Well) 2010
Wayfaring Strangers, Rank Stranger (Shifting Sands Of Time) 2001
Gillian Welch, Winter's Come And Gone (Hell Among The Yearlings) 1998
Gillian Welch    Elvis Presley Blues (Time [The Revelator])  2001
The Horse Flies, Human Fly (The Horse Flies in the Dance Tent) 2000
Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues  1930
The Bartlebees, Nobody's Lonesome For Me, Hank Williams Revisited) 1998
The Residents, Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams Revisited) 1998
Jim White, King of the Road (No Such Place) 2001

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