[JPL] Hip jazz covers of Bob Dylan anyone?

Robert Putignano bob8003 at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 07:55:11 EDT 2011

"Watching the River Flow" by either the Gadd Gang, or the more recent Steve Gadd & Friends Live at Voce.

This week's sponsor: Lisa Hilton "Underground" with Nasheet Waits/drums, Larry Grenadier/bass and J.D. Allen/tenor sax

"Lisa Hilton has topped herself on 'Underground.'  She's never played, written or expressed herself better as an artist.   This is living adventurous jazz that breathes fresh but at the same time is rooted in the best parts of the past- and always deeply emotive.  Surrounded by some of the finest musicians working today, Hilton hits the mark on every cut.  She's joined the ranks of her own contemporary heroes."  Todd Steed/WUOT

"Shimmering and spacious. Though not as well known as her session mates, Hilton easily holds her own during these performances, and her compositions clearly inspire all concerned."  Mike Joyce/Jazz Times

Lisa Hilton


Today is Bob Dylan's 70th birthday. Can anyone suggest some decent jazz covers of Dylan tunes? 

I'm aware of Ben Sidran's recent tribute disc, for one.

Many Thanks,
Chuck Obuchowski, WWUH, Public Alternative Radio at The University of Hartford

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