[JPL] PLAYLIST: WNMC Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz 5.27.11

Thomas M. Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Sat May 28 11:52:10 EDT 2011

                    WNMC 90=2E7 FM
                  1701 E=2E Front St=2E
             Traverse City MI 49686-3016

                Fried-Day Afternoon Jazz
                    May 27th, 2011
                      2-5 PM EST
                    Biz Bisard, host

Played =09Artist =09Song =09Disk =09Year =09Label =09Note
02:00pm =09Station ID
02:01pm =09PSA - Earth & Sky

02:04pm =09Thomas Marriott =09Human Spirit =09J-009 _ Human
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092011 =09Origin=20

02:12pm =09Benny Green =09Little T =09J-049 _ Source
Album Jazz 5/14/2011 =092010 =09JLP=20
02:16pm =09The Deadly Gentlemen =09Bad Habit Blues =09F-022
_ Carry Me Home
Album Folk/Roots 3/25/2011 =092011 =09self-released =09

02:00pm =09Set break - weather
02:21pm =09Promo

02:22pm =09The Mississippi Marvel =09Evil =09B-022 _
Mistakes Were Made: A Broke & Hungry Retrospective
Comp Blues 5/7/2011 =092011 =09Broke and Hungry=20
02:26pm =09Jake Shimabukuro =09Variation on a Dance
2010 =09J-059 _ Peace Love Ukulele
Album Jazz 4/2/2011 =092011 =09Hitchhike
02:30pm =09Jim Hall =09Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note
(Alternate Take) =09J-030 _ Concierto
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =091975 =09Sony Masterworks Jazz=20
02:35pm =09The John Brown Trio =09Do Nothing 'til You
Hear from Me =09J-029 _ Dancing with Duke: An Homage to
Duke Ellington
Album Jazz 5/14/2011 =092011 =09Brown Boulevard=20

02:41pm =09Promo
02:42pm =09PSA - Michigan Land Use Institute

02:45pm =09Melvin Jones =09Do You Wor Kalogne? =09J-023 _ Pivot
Album Jazz 5/7/2011 =092011 =09Turnaround=20
02:50pm =09Tiempo Libre =09Ahora te Quieres Ir (And Now
You Want to Go) =09J-053 _ My Secret Radio
Album Jazz 5/7/2011 =092011 =09Sony Masterworks=20
02:55pm =09Gretchen Parlato =09Circling =09J-046 _ The Lost
and Found
Album Jazz 5/7/2011 =092011 =09ObliqSound=20

03:00pm =09Station ID
03:00pm =09Promo

03:02pm =09Art Gomperz Band =09A Different Story to
Tell =09F-044 _ A Different Story to Tell
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 =092010 =09All About Murray=20
03:05pm =09Ronny Cox =09Can I Come Back Home =09F-025 _
Songs=2E=2E=2Ewith Repercussions
Album Folk/Roots 5/20/2011 =092011 =09Wind River =09Playing
in Elk Rapids 6=2E12 @ 4 PM

03:07pm =09Reynold D=2E Philipsek =09Sidewalk Cafe =09J-055 _
Tales from the North Woods
Album Jazz 5/14/2011 =092011 =09Rephi =09

03:10pm =09Rufus Reid & Out Front =09The Eloquent One=20
J-039 _ Hues of a Different Blue
Album Jazz 5/7/2011 =092011 =09Mot=E9ma =09

03:17pm =09Orpheum Bell =09Two Over Ten
REQ =09Pretty As You
Album Folk/Roots =092007 =09self-released=20
03:21pm =09Chick Willis =09Old Man with Freaky Ideas=20
B-068 _ Mr=2E Blues
Album Blues 3/4/2011 =092010 =09CDS=20
03:24pm =09Rebirth Brass Band =09Shrimp and Gumbo =09J-031
_ Rebirth of New Orleans
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092011 =09Basin Street=20
03:27pm =09Chuck Wilson =09Caminhos Cruzados =09J-056 _
Echo of Spring
Album Jazz 4/2/2011 =092010 =09Arbors Jazz

03:31pm =09Promo
03:31pm =09Promo

03:34pm =09Chancha Via Circuito =09Prima =09W-034 _ Rio Arriba
Album World =092011 =09ZZK=20
03:37pm =09Gerald Veasley =09Better Get Hit in Your
Soul =09J-024 _ Gerald Veasley's Electric Mingus Project
Album Jazz 5/14/2011 =092011 =09Fanwave Music Group=20
03:43pm =09Fiveplay Jazz Quintet =09Brother Dave =09J-070 _
Five of Hearts
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092010 =09Auraline Music =09

03:48pm =09Storms/Nocturnes =09Ambleside Nights =09J-067 _ VIA
Album Jazz 4/23/2011 =092011 =09Origin =09

03:55pm =09Alison Krauss and Union Station =09Sinking
Stone =09F-018 _ Paper Airplane
Album Folk/Roots 4/21/2011 =092011 =09Rounder

04:00am =09Station ID
04:01pm =09PSA - Pulse of the Planet
04:03pm =09Promo

04:04pm =09Claudia Schmidt and Her Funtet =09 What Luck's
Been Up to =09Promising Sky
Album Folk =09=09Pragmavision =09   Playing 5=2E28 8-11PM @
Lil' Bo's

04:08pm =09Joe Crookston =09Everything Here Is Good=20
F-020 _ Darkling & the Bluebird Jubilee
Album Folk/Roots 5/20/2011 =092011 =09Milagrito=20
04:11pm =09Little Al Thomas =09Old Time Used to Be =09B-055
_ Not My Warden
Album Blues 1/1/2011 =092010 =09Music Avenue=20
04:16pm =09Chuck Deardorf =09Sweet Lorraine =09J-069 _
Album Jazz 4/2/2011 =092011 =09Origin =09

04:20pm =09Ron Westray/Thomas Heflin =09One Hand Clap=20
J-045 _ Live from Austin
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092011 =09Blue Canoe=20

04:29pm =09Promo

04:31pm =09Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers =09One by One=20
J-066 _ Original Jazz Classics Remasters
Sampler-Spring 2011
Comp Jazz 4/2/2011 =092011 =09OJC|Concord Music Group=20
04:37pm =09George Cole Quintet =09Roma Danse =09J-036 _
Riverside Drive
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092010 =09Oceanview=20
04:44pm =09A Hawk And A Hacksaw =09The Loser (Xeftilis)=20
W-042 _ Cervantine
Album World 4/14/2011 =092011 =09LM Duplication=20

04:48pm =09PSA - Un-Cat Feline Rescue

04:49pm =09Jessica Williams Trio =09Just Words =09J-063 _
Freedom Trane
Album Jazz 4/16/2011 =092011 =09Origin =09

04:57pm =09John-Alex Mason =09Gone so Long =09B-054 _ Jook
Joint Thunderclap
Album Blues 3/4/2011 =092010 =09Naked Jaybird

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