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I have to say I was somewhat open-mouthed at these comments. At whatpoint in time did his theory come into play? Logically, can you imaginemissing out on originals from Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock ornewer cats such as Stefon Harris, Robert Glasper or even Wynton Marsalis? This attitude mirrors, albeit unintentionally, that of classical music, wherein general there are the 'standards' and all that alters when you hear variousorchestras playing the music are the subtle nuances.Not broadly appealing.

I cannot for the life of me see why programmers have to know a track or have ajazz standard included on every album. Surely the point of musical expression isto be able to create, not copy? Being predictable or having a 'standard'point of reference, musically, is not a basis on which to produce a body ofwork. Of course it's Mr. Wein's choice, but when you lose your desire to explore anddiscover then your view becomes narrower and less objective. 

Every day we look for new music across the genres. It is as important to understandyour musical history but equally important know in which direction it isheading as well. For those of us that are in the business of entertaining,we should remember that we are only messengers of the music and for that wehave to be true to the art form and neither blinkered nor discriminating.


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I was listening to *Judy Carmichael's Jazz Inspired* last night with her guest *George Wein.*George mentioned he receives many CDs from artists and labels and when he sees one with all original selections _he NEVER listens to it_. His point was that there are only so many good selections and an artist releasing a CD with 8-12 original selections certainly is not going to be that worthwhile for his listening. This really echos what many of us programmers have tried to communicate to artist over the last ten years.Please listen up and you will help your career in the long run more than you know.ALOHATom

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