[JPL] standards/traditions/Geo Wein/radio

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 10:41:16 EDT 2011

"It would also represent an almost total capitulation to the notion
that jazz radio, almost all of which happens at the non-commercial end
of the dial, is now in the commercial radio business. "

That's a huge point. Again, where are the big investors in American
culture who are willing to present commercial jazz radio? Satellite is
making a go of it, but in the niche based format, not in the wild free
for all that represents jazz programming at it's potential best.

The once Internet is available in cars, too, this is going to morph
further from a concentration on singular artists to a more mosaic-type
musical landscape.

It would seem to me, as regards radio, the community model -- being a
strong local station supporting local artists, local concerts, local
arts organizations, and providing a local mix that is not available
from the more generic national carriers -- is a key to survival as a
terrestrial station (until the time that they are gone, which, to me,
seems a long ways off: radio is still the easiest media to use and
because of that the most resilient).

Jazz, which comes to you in the best of taste, from Blue Lake.

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