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I would suspect that if more musicians were chiming in on the topic of more or less standard material many programmers might be a bit surprised. Yes, there are those that do think putting familiar songs on their cd might help in getting airplay....I for one dont think it ultimately matters enough to make a noticable difference...I would say the majority record the standard because they simply love the song and usually will spice it up a bit with harmonic  and/or rhythmic alterations. Plus many musicians feel playing the "book" isnt moving jazz anywhere. Repeating history. Treating the music like a relic and consequently not moving their art forward. I tell musicians to play what they feel in their hearts. Whatever that is because playing what you think someone else wants or thinks you should do wont make you happy. 

In reference to George Wein...I saw basically how he rotated "named" artists on his festivals. Over and over again for years...all the while a generation and a half was coming up underneath that few knew anything about. When all those stars starting dying it was like you were almost back at square one in terms of marketing. We still had plenty of great jazz from artists most people couldnt name three songs they play. With all the good Wein did in getting jazz out there...in my view...he ultimately helped "names" more then he did jazz. 

Jae Sinnett

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