[JPL] standards/traditions/Geo Wein/radio

Tom Reney tr at wfcr.org
Tue Nov 1 11:05:27 EDT 2011

I went to the grand opening of an art gallery here on a Sunday afternoon 
a few years ago.  I was surprised to hear Lightnin' Hopkins coming over 
the sound system, so I inquired and the owner gleefully boasted about 
his satellite radio service.  I shut the dude up right quick when I 
asked him how much promotion they'd given his gallery opening.


On 11/1/2011 10:41 AM, Lazaro Vega wrote:
> "It would also represent an almost total capitulation to the notion
> that jazz radio, almost all of which happens at the non-commercial end
> of the dial, is now in the commercial radio business. "
> That's a huge point. Again, where are the big investors in American
> culture who are willing to present commercial jazz radio? Satellite is
> making a go of it, but in the niche based format, not in the wild free
> for all that represents jazz programming at it's potential best.
> The once Internet is available in cars, too, this is going to morph
> further from a concentration on singular artists to a more mosaic-type
> musical landscape.
> It would seem to me, as regards radio, the community model -- being a
> strong local station supporting local artists, local concerts, local
> arts organizations, and providing a local mix that is not available
> from the more generic national carriers -- is a key to survival as a
> terrestrial station (until the time that they are gone, which, to me,
> seems a long ways off: radio is still the easiest media to use and
> because of that the most resilient).

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