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Interestingly enough Steve "Tales" was one of the few "sideman" dates Keith Jarrett has done in his career. You can probably count them on one hand after about 72. Fascinating to hear him in that context. Another that comes to mind is "Gnu High" by Kenny Wheeler. A breathtakingly beautiful recording. Certainly one of the most profoundly influential jazz trios to ever play together and I will say there are few pianists that I'm willing to sit and listen to playing standards all night but Keith is at the top of that list. Few have that level of melodic and lyrical continuity in their playing.  
Jae Sinnett  

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I just heard the Keith Jarrett trio play a night of standards yesterday in Seattle. In 1977, Gary Peacock assembled this group for the first time in a recording session for his record Tales of Another. The tracks were all originals by Peacock. In 1983, Jarrett reassembled the group to record three albums of standards in a day and a half. Over the next 19 years they recorded 20 more albums.

-Steve Griggs


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