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Christopher Jentsch jentsch at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 3 05:28:25 EDT 2011

The most obscure and curious "post-1972" Keith sideman appearance I  
know of is on his younger brother Scott Jarrett's 1980 singer/ 
songwriter record: Without Rhyme or Reason. Keith is only on a couple  
of the tracks as far as I remember hearing a college radio station LP  
way back in the day...but...YouTube strikes again. A good bet might  
be that Scott is actually singing about his brother on the first  
track below:



My 30-year-old best guess remains that Keith is only playing the  
acoustic piano on these songs, and not the Rhodes parts (!).

For decades we've all known Keith's reticence to join outside  
projects, but it has crossed my mind to wonder how he would sound  
accompanying a nice singer. Not as important a fantasy as the reality  
of "Gnu High sideman" (a session I understand he was uncomfortable  
with) or as tantalizing as imagining a recording of Miles with  
Hendrix, but it's a minor thought I've had to want hear Keith  
slumming here and there a few more times. It's easy enough to be  
satisfied though with his much variegated actual output.

One other curiosity some of you may be familiar with is this account  
(I see the Web page is still live) of a 20-year old Keith wowing  
people with "Tangerine" at a private party (photo and MP3 provided):

Related afterthought: the Chick and Nancy Wilson duo track from  
Echoes of an Era 2 ("My One and Only Love"). Worth seeking out Chick  
in an interesting dialogue with a good singer on what sounds like an  
impromptu standard...

Chris Jentsch
Brooklyn NY

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> Interestingly enough Steve "Tales" was one of the few "sideman"  
> dates Keith Jarrett has done in his career. You can probably count  
> them on one hand after about 72. Fascinating to hear him in that  
> context. Another that comes to mind is "Gnu High" by Kenny Wheeler.  
> A breathtakingly beautiful recording. Certainly one of the most  
> profoundly influential jazz trios to ever play together and I will  
> say there are few pianists that I'm willing to sit and listen to  
> playing standards all night but Keith is at the top of that list.  
> Few have that level of melodic and lyrical continuity in their  
> playing.
> Jae Sinnett

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