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Coincidentally one of the members of the Miles List just posted a quite
extensive KJ discography, I can post here or send it to individual parties
if interested.  It includes what I would nominate as the oddest Keith
Jarrett sideman (more likely hired gun) appearance - songs of Robbie Burns:

*831100 Robert Burns songs vol 5
recorded at Resolution, inc. Chace Mill, Burlington, Vermont
During November,December 1983 and January 1984
Jean Redpath Vocal
Keith Jarrett Piano
The Alcott Ensemble : Elisabeth Clendenning Violin I / Louise Griggs Violin
Marylin Johnson Viola / Melissa Brown Violoncello
Ken LaRoche Fl,Alto Fl,Piccolo
Rick Presson Bass
Susan Kynor French Horn
William Storandt timpani
Chorus: Susan Borg soprano / Deborah Felmeth Calhoun alto
Lynn Shevitz soprano and alto / Jim Lienau tenor
Bob peskin bass
David Brubaker Tr / Tina tourin Harp / Bob Peskin Arp 2600 Synthesizer
01 The Lea-rig
02 My Collier Laddie
03 My Nanie o
04 Fragment
05 The Posie
06 The mill, Mill o
07 0, Were I on Parnassus hill
08 The German Lairdie
09 The battle of Sherra-Moor
10 lament of Mary Queen Of Scots
11 You're welcome, Wille Stewart
12 Killiecrrankie

Oddly enough Marilyn Crispell also did one of these and when I asked her
about it once, she said that a friend in Woodstock called and asked if
she'd be interested in it and she said sure why not ...N

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 2:28 AM, Christopher Jentsch
<jentsch at earthlink.net>wrote:

> The most obscure and curious "post-1972" Keith sideman appearance I know
> of is on his younger brother Scott Jarrett's 1980 singer/songwriter record:
> Without Rhyme or Reason. Keith is only on a couple of the tracks as far as
> I remember hearing a college radio station LP way back in the
> day...but...YouTube strikes again. A good bet might be that Scott is
> actually singing about his brother on the first track below:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?**v=ySz5kbwMRv4<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySz5kbwMRv4>
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?**v=GEtGb-B6v9o&feature=related<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEtGb-B6v9o&feature=related>
> My 30-year-old best guess remains that Keith is only playing the acoustic
> piano on these songs, and not the Rhodes parts (!).
> For decades we've all known Keith's reticence to join outside projects,
> but it has crossed my mind to wonder how he would sound accompanying a nice
> singer. Not as important a fantasy as the reality of "Gnu High sideman" (a
> session I understand he was uncomfortable with) or as tantalizing as
> imagining a recording of Miles with Hendrix, but it's a minor thought I've
> had to want hear Keith slumming here and there a few more times. It's easy
> enough to be satisfied though with his much variegated actual output.
> One other curiosity some of you may be familiar with is this account (I
> see the Web page is still live) of a 20-year old Keith wowing people with
> "Tangerine" at a private party (photo and MP3 provided):
> http://www.tedknowlton.com/**music/Keith.htm<http://www.tedknowlton.com/music/Keith.htm>
> Related afterthought: the Chick and Nancy Wilson duo track from Echoes of
> an Era 2 ("My One and Only Love"). Worth seeking out Chick in an
> interesting dialogue with a good singer on what sounds like an impromptu
> standard...
> Chris Jentsch
> Brooklyn NY
> http://www.ChrisJentsch.com/
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>> Interestingly enough Steve "Tales" was one of the few "sideman" dates
>> Keith Jarrett has done in his career. You can probably count them on one
>> hand after about 72. Fascinating to hear him in that context. Another that
>> comes to mind is "Gnu High" by Kenny Wheeler. A breathtakingly beautiful
>> recording. Certainly one of the most profoundly influential jazz trios to
>> ever play together and I will say there are few pianists that I'm willing
>> to sit and listen to playing standards all night but Keith is at the top of
>> that list. Few have that level of melodic and lyrical continuity in their
>> playing.
>> Jae Sinnett
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