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  Esperanza says 'yes' to giving the Smithsonian her dress

By: Nikki Schwab <http://washingtonexaminer.com/people/nikki-schwab> and 
Katy Adams <http://washingtonexaminer.com/people/katy-adams> | 10/17/11 
2:57 PM
/Examiner Staff Writer/ | /Follow on Twitter @NikkiSchwab 
Esperanza Spalding describes the dress she wore at the 2009 Nobel Peace 
Prize Ceremony honoring President Obama (Photo Associated Press). 

It was hard to believe that Grammy Award-winning jazz musician 
*Esperanza Spalding* didn't prepare the remarks she made Monday, as she 
donated her 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony dress to the Smithsonian 
National Museum of American History. "I didn't really expect to speak, 
so I hope I can improvise something of value," the 26-year-old said, 
before wowing the crowd by quoting *Duke Ellington* and *Mary Lou 
Williams* and proving herself a colorful storyteller.

"When I found out last minute that the president would like me to come 
and perform I was in a place where I couldn't get a gown, I didn't have 
anything to wear," she began. "Being the Oregonians that we are, [we 
are] very hands on, crunchy, in the house," Spalding said. Her mother 
procured the long red gown and altered it the night before Spalding 
headed to Norway.

"So the night of the performance I'm getting the dress out to put it on 
and all the sudden I notice all these oily fingerprints all over the 
dress because my mom only uses natural moisurizers," Spalding said. "She 
contributed too," she joked. (The smudges, for the record, were cleaned 
off before the performance).

The songstress also discussed her chance meeting with *President Obama* 
after the Oslo ceremony. "I thought I was leaving and security said, 
'don't move'...and the next thing I know the president, the first lady, 
the prime minister of Norway and his wife all entered the room," she 
recalled. "I didn't want to be that person that tried to get close to 
the president so I stood back to the wall, like this, and tried not to 
be seen."

We're guessing it wasSpalding's trademark 'do that gave her away.

"The president just said they were very grateful and happy to see me and 
I felt a tremendous warmth," she said. "And then I was released by 

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