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I attended a Zenph demo a number of years ago. They reproduced an Art Tatum
recording. It was fantastic technology. What they did then, and have
probably improved upon since, is analyze, through software and using people,
an existing recording and they log all of its nuances -- notes, touch,
rhythm, phrasing, etc.  They have a piano that is equipped with a device
that translates that analysis back to the keys of the piano. So it is really
a very advanced player piano that reproduces not just the notes, but the
actual way the original player attacked the notes and approached the music.
They then record this piano playing in a recording studio, thereby creating
a pristine re-make of the original recording, sans scratches, clicks and
distortion.   They may have since moved this to other instruments too.

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Can someone enlighten me on this new series?   Is the music on the CD
original recordings done by actual human beings or is it just music
transcribed and programmed to be played electronically by acoustic
instruments a la Orchestrion?    Does Oscar Peterson actually appear on the
Oscar Peterson disc?   Are there other musicians who play?  I am confused
by this and the liner notes on the CD are no help. (not much either from
the Zenph website that seems to focus on software and technology...."We
create content, live experiences and software that make music more
powerful, immediate and accessible.")

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