[JPL] Zenph "re-performance"

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It is a solo performance re-created by digitally reproducing what was
originally recorded, then playing back on an acoustic piano "fitted with
sophisticated computers and hardware".  The piano is then recorded "using
the latest microphones and recording techniques" (Quotes from the liner

The Zenph process is claimed to be able to replicate what was originally
recorded, including every note, pedal action, volume and articulations.

The source was original audio recordings by OP; Oscar was not there to make
the Zenph recording.

The Zenph process is new to me as well, and would love to see other comments
on it.

David May
Desert Island Jazz
WHFC-FM 91.1
dave at desertislandjazz.net

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Can someone enlighten me on this new series?   Is the music on the CD
original recordings done by actual human beings or is it just music
transcribed and programmed to be played electronically by acoustic
instruments a la Orchestrion?    Does Oscar Peterson actually appear on the
Oscar Peterson disc?   Are there other musicians who play?  I am confused
by this and the liner notes on the CD are no help. (not much either from
the Zenph website that seems to focus on software and technology...."We
create content, live experiences and software that make music more
powerful, immediate and accessible.")

Eric Gruner
Jazz Host
JAZZ 90.1


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