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Louis' answer seems to be the best.
I took the photographs that are used in the tray card (although I  
haven't received the finished product yet).

My photographs, are from the actual concert that was recorded, so  
it's a nice tie in.
That concert was in Rochester, Eric!

Here's a link for more information:http://www.zenph.com/the-music/ 

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On Nov 4, 2011, at 11:04 AM, Louis Erlanger wrote:

> I attended a Zenph demo a number of years ago. They reproduced an  
> Art Tatum
> recording. It was fantastic technology. What they did then, and have
> probably improved upon since, is analyze, through software and  
> using people,
> an existing recording and they log all of its nuances -- notes, touch,
> rhythm, phrasing, etc.  They have a piano that is equipped with a  
> device
> that translates that analysis back to the keys of the piano. So it  
> is really
> a very advanced player piano that reproduces not just the notes,  
> but the
> actual way the original player attacked the notes and approached  
> the music.
> They then record this piano playing in a recording studio, thereby  
> creating
> a pristine re-make of the original recording, sans scratches,  
> clicks and
> distortion.   They may have since moved this to other instruments too.
> Can someone enlighten me on this new series?   Is the music on the CD
> original recordings done by actual human beings or is it just music
> transcribed and programmed to be played electronically by acoustic
> instruments a la Orchestrion?    Does Oscar Peterson actually  
> appear on the
> Oscar Peterson disc?   Are there other musicians who play?  I am  
> confused
> by this and the liner notes on the CD are no help. (not much either  
> from
> the Zenph website that seems to focus on software and  
> technology...."We
> create content, live experiences and software that make music more
> powerful, immediate and accessible.")
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