[JPL] Zenph "re-performance"

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Sat Nov 5 19:02:31 EDT 2011

While I agree with your general idea here, I don't think "mechanized  
interpretation" is the right term. There is no interpretation, it is an attempt  
at an exact reproduction. In the art world, it would be a reproduction, a  
giclee' or otherwise. Nobody else's fingers touch the keyboard. Perhaps  
reproduction is the word.

Interesting discussion,
In a message dated 11/5/2011 9:12:36 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
eric at jazz901.org writes:

Dave...  but it is NOT Oscar Peterson's performance....  it is a  mechanized
interpretation of what Oscar Peterson did..  (as in a  machine, not a live
person, is controlling the piano and making it sound  like the original
piece)...   a "really neat" unusual process  yes...  to present it as Oscar
Peterson?  I say  no.

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