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Nov. 7, 2011

Hello friends!

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Next week on the show: Joan Stiles (Monday, 11/14) and Andrea Wolper 
(Thursday, 11/17).

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #322: Matt Mitchell. Pianist Matt Mitchell has been making a name 
for himself in the bands of Tim Berne, John Hollenbeck and Darius Jones, 
among others. In this interview, Mitchell talks about finding his place 
in the bands of composers with strong visions; how a set of self-penned 
practice pieces became duet performance vehicles; and why he may finally 
be ready to record his first album. SHOW AVAILABLE NOW.

TJS #323: Tim Hagans. Trumpeter Tim Hagans' new CD is The Moon Is 
Waiting. In this interview, Hagans talks about his special relationship 
with his drummer of choice; how he worked with a choreographer to write 
some of the music on the new album; and how he's evolved over the years 
as a composer for large and small ensembles. SHOW AVAILABLE 11/10/11.


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