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Already have, and I stand by my opinion. I'm not young any more and I've 
seen many new technologies take hold, and each one generated the same kind 
of arguments against it. Of course, there's nothing like being in the same 
room with the musician who is playing, but when that's not possible, all the 
alternatives have their drawbacks and in the end the ears and heart are the 
only good judges. Mine tell me Zenph is on to a promising idea.

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Are you talking about the process or the result?

If you visit their website, you will easily discover that there's a world
of difference in the process and in the reproduction (I like that term
"re-performance") of the sound. In fact, if you review the messages on this
thread, you will see the differences articulated.


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I'm  not sure there's that much difference between what Zenph is doing and
"cleaning up" old recordings.


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