[JPL] Print the --- ---- running times already! What about CDs with no printed spine?

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Hello Group -

For the record (bad pun intended) the first question I ask a potential client is whether the track times are printed on the back of the CD.

If they have not already printed it and the times are not there I let them know if they intend to send the CD to radio it would be in their best interest to add them (of course I don't tell Manfred Eicher @ ECM that - I guess there are some exceptions to having to do some prep work to program a CD).

If the unfortunate situation occurs when a client has already manufactured the CD without track times on the outside then I inform them a sticker with track names and times needs to be prepared and included with the mailing - I figure if missing track times are an issue then programmers can add the sticker on the back.

While we're on the subject of CD packaging I have for the first time in my radio promotion career received from a client - much to my surprise and chagrin - a CD that he had manufactured without an artist's name and CD title clearer printed on a spine as there isn't even a spine.

I'm curious what programmers do with CDs like that - i.e. ones that are too thin to be filed a found in a stack of recordings.


[JPL] Print the --- ---- running times already!

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Tue Nov 8 10:50:31 EST 2011
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Amen, brother! I have to admit that, when I see the absence of running
times anywhere in the product, I'm predisposed to defer playing the CD at
the time. While i know that a very small minority of 'consumers' of the CD
(radio jocks) care about these things, you wouldda thunk that graphic
designers were savvy enough to be accommodating to us divas!
   Gene Abkarian

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 6:35 AM, Tom Reney <tr at wfcr.org> wrote:

>  Morning gripe:
> I know we've been down this road before, but I'm nearing a dead end with
> the continual appearance of CD's that don't print the running times on
> either the back or inner sleeve of a jacket.
> I began working in radio 35 years ago, and at the time I schlepped a bag
> of LP's to a studio, cued 'em up and talked a bit about them.
> Now for the last decade, I've been required by some enterprise that's got
> nothing to do with good radio to become a data entry clerk.  And I've got
> only marginal typing skills, so this is a bitch already, one that's only
> complicated by labels and artists and promoters who require me to place the
> CD in a player so that I can enter their running times.  It'll soon be an
> outright disqualifier.  Go on printing liner notes that are unreadable
> without a magnifier, but give me the times, please.
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