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Very cool story, thanks for the reminiscence Eric ... N

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:53 PM, Eric Jackson <eric_jackson1 at verizon.net>wrote:

> Tom Marcello posted those pictures on my Facebook page on Monday.
> I started on the air on B.U.'s AM station in February 1969, just 2 weeks
> after my 19th birthday. I only went to Lennie's once. That was in the
> spring of 1970. A friend had her parents' van and so 3 of us drove the 15
> miles to Lennie's. But we were broke. We didn't have any money. Rashaan was
> playing that night and I guess we were planning on trying to listen in the
> lobby. I had never met Lennie at that time but he saw us in the lobby and
> he let us in for free. It was a great night.
> It turned out to be a very big night for me. On the way home we were
> listening to WBUR and Oscar Jackson ( no relation) was on the air. The
> station had another jazz announcer named Eric Levin. You can see his
> picture on Ornette's Live At Prince Street recording. While listening to
> Oscar that night I told my friends that I wanted to go to WBUR and meet
> Oscar because I was going to get a show on that station. I met him that
> night and he told me that Eric was about to leave the station. He asked me
> to get my radio license and to meet him one day at the station for an
> audition.As it turned out, Oscar arrived so late that the studio was busy
> by the time he got there. We talked about music for a long time. Finally
> Oscar just told me to come to the station the next time that he was on and
> he would be there and he would put on the air that night! That's what
> happened. That was my first paying radio gig. I got paid minimum wage for 4
> hours a week! If I remember correctly that was $12.00.
> I did spent a lot of listening hours in at the Jazz Workshop and Paull's
> Mall during the 70s when I worked at WBCN. We did weekly live broadcast
> from those clubs and I usually hosted them. I met just about everybody who
> played there. In fact, many of the guys used to stay at my apartment.
> Eric Jackson
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>> Now that you mention it Steve, in the documentary Mingus in Greenwich
>> Village, there's a scene or two of Mingus at Lennie's with McPherson,
>> Hillyer, and Richmond, maybe Bish too. I caught mostly blues at
>> Lennie's, Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite with
>> guitarist Fenton Robinson, along with shows by Clark Terry and Rahsaan.
>> p.s. I've got one of the original pressings of Mingus at
>> Monterey...thanks for letting me know it's worth some dough.
>> On 11/10/2011 10:44 AM, Steve Schwartz wrote:
>>> Thanks, Tom!
>>> Great memories!
>>> I spent many a night traveling up Route 1 from Boston to West Peabody,
>>> MA. to hear and see great music at Lennie's.
>>> I remember a night when Charles Mingus was playing: Charles McPherson,
>>> Lonnie Hillyer, Walter Bishop, Jr, Dannie Richmond.
>>> Sue Mingus was also there selling a 2-LP set that they had just put
>>> out on their own label, Mingus Music. It was a limited edition, a
>>> small number of copies made. "Mingus at Monterey." I've seen it
>>> recently on line for anywhere from $160.00 to almost #1,000.
>>> I also have pictures that I took that night. Other photos in my
>>> collection from Lennie's include more Abbey Lincoln, Rahsaan Roland
>>> Kirk, Illinois Jacquet. I'll have to dig those pictures out! Lennie
>>> Sogoloff, THANK YOU!!!
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