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 From Kevin Ellington Mingus


As you may know I have been working on the film "Mingus on Mingus" 
following the legacy of my grandfather Charles Mingus.  Filming, 
researching and keeping it moving have been a challenge in all meanings 
of the word. A project of this nature is a serious undertaking.  
Fortunately the jazz and film community have been extremely supportive 
and motivating.  I am beyond excited to make this film it is extremely 
important for me and all those involved!! I am dedicating my full life 
to it right now. Unfortunately the financial reality of independently 
producing a project of this scale has hit.

Since I started the project, people have given support any way they 
could. Lending a hand on a shoot, letting me crash on the 
floor-bed-couch, finding inexpensive ways for me to travel, engaging in 
lengthy conversation and driving me across dangerous borders. Now there 
is another way for everyone to get involved with the project and it's 
the website Kickstarter.com. They hosts thousands of projects and have 
even taken notice of Mingus on Mingus featuring us on the site under 
"New and Noteworthy."  Sites like this give independent projects that 
would otherwise fall through the cracks a chance and that is exactly 
what I am asking of you.  Together we can give this project a chance to 

Basically there are two ways to help me:
1- Spread the word to everyone: friends, neighbors, facebook, twitter, 
your dog, EVERYONE
2- Contribute to the project, no amount is too small, all and any 
support is a step forward. And as I believe this is a collective project,


Here is the Kickstarter page; you will see a video that I did for the 
campaign, which gives more info on the documentary itself.  Our goal is 
to raise $45000 in 35 days.


For more details and background on the project visit our website:

Kevin Ellington Mingus

P.S If you are considering a pledge please do so sooner then later. We 
had a late start with the campaign and need to build as much momentum as 
possible in this early phase to keep all the good attention we are getting.

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