[JPL] Cecil Taylor, All the Notes (2004 documentary)

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 08:30:18 EST 2011

Glad you watched it, Jae. Was talking via Facebook with trumpeter
Stephen Haynes about that Iridium rehearsal -- because in the film the
way Taylor points out the lines and scales to the band seemed like an
instant orchestration, which seemed to organize a setting for him to
blow over. I found that insightful. Stephen mentioned that the
process, minus the cameras, is usually a bit more mysterious, that the
melodic fragments are not assigned to any particular instruments or

In any case, it was interesting to hear him develop his own scale
vocabulary and then take it through it's paces on his home piano. In a
solo concert of his at Orchestra Hall in Chicago tat I caught several
years ago that sort of development was in play all night long,
including a few absolutely beautiful slow pieces -- so you could hear
the material he was working off from, but it was slow enough to
process it. By the time he ramped the tempo way the forte up there was
a lot of information sort of embedded in the ear already that made it
possible to more easily enter into and commune with the swirl.

By the way, do you know what Lena Horne with organ record that was
that he was dancing to in the living room?


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