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Tom Lucci toml at wicn.org
Fri Nov 11 20:41:27 EST 2011

First, I'm very happy to be part of this great list! Thanks to Ed Bride for
turning me on to it. I want to add a couple of stories sparked by that
Lennie's on the Turnpike photo-trove:

-A high school teacher (NOT the square band director) took a group of us
geeks to Lennie's in 1968 to hear Buddy Rich's band. We sat right in front
and I never forgot that set! Cut to 2011 - I was on the search committee
for a new General Manager of WICN. We were chatting with a candidate after
his job interview - same age as me and also grew up in the Boston suburbs.
What really turned him on to jazz? "Hearing Buddy Rich at Lennie's". Gerry
Weston got my vote, and now is the GM of WICN. And recently the estimable
drummer Kenny Hadley told Gerry that HE got turned on to jazz at the same
Buddy Rich gig! I'm sure there are similar stories out there.

-I shared the Lennie's pix with a friend (and fine trumpeter) who was a
Lennie's regular before it burned. He told me that, years later, he was
shopping for a suit in Filene's Basement and learned his salesman was named
Lennie. Alan offhandedly mentioned Lennie's on the Turnpike and got the
response, "I'm Lennie." Sad and ironic - doubly so since the Filene's
Basement chain is now being liquidated.

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