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Well Tom, the Sandy's Jazz Revival footage brought back
some memories. In 1976 & 77 I alternated weeks with Charlie (?)
doing a jazz show on WBRS, the Brandeis radio station.
We would take turns traveling up to Sandy's to interview the musicians.

I remember approaching Joe Venuti during the time when he
was going through a revival and had a number of recent releases.
A woman was sitting on his lap but I naively persisted in
asking him for an interview and he looked none too thrilled.
"So Mr Venuti," I began, "you have four new records out this year"
and he snapped, "I have seven, do your homework, kid." That was the
end of the interview but he played his ass off on violin and told
his classic tale of inviting 28(the number varies) bass players 
to meet him on a street corner while he sat in an apartment across 
the street watching the bewildered bass players gather.

I also was at that same session at Sandy's when Muse recorded
three Texas-born legends: Buddy Tate, Arnett Cobb, and Eddle "Cleanhead" Vinson, 
accompanied by Ray Bryant, George Duvivier and Alan Dawson. Muse released
three LPs from those sessions. Good as the horns were, the rhythm section
took my breath away. I was going through a Ray Bryant phase and it was
heightened by the rare chance to hear the legendary Boston drummer Alan Dawson
playing with his equals.

The height of my DJ days at Brandeis was when Charlie & I interviewed Max Roach
the day after his close South African friend Steven Biko had died. Max talked
for three hours about his early days with Hawk, Clifford Brown, Sonny Rollins 
and, of course, politics. I wish I had those reel to reel tapes now.

Thanks for connecting us with the clubs again Tom,


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