[JPL] This week on The Jazz Session: Mike Baggetta and Amir ElSaffar

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Nov. 23, 2011

Hello friends!

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a lovely week.

New Poems:
"for Andrea and Ken" http://bit.ly/siR8MQ
"the king's clothes" http://bit.ly/sNcqrj
"Cale on the 6" http://bit.ly/sFLSdK
"Elwood P. Dowd" http://bit.ly/uIusRI

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Next Week: To be determined.

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #326: Mike Baggetta. Guitarist Mike Baggetta’s new CD is Source 
Materials. In this interview, Baggetta talks about his compositional 
process and how he writes for specific ensembles; his experiments with 
prepared guitar in both solo and duet formats; and how he approaches 
playing standards. SHOW AVAILABLE NOW.

TJS #327: Tim Hagans. Trumpeter Amir ElSaffar’s new CD is Inana (Pi 
Recordings, 2011). In this interview, ElSaffar explains maqam music and 
his decision to spend five years studying it in depth; how he plays 
microtonal music on a standard Bb trumpet; and his particular 
combination of traditional Arabic music with jazz. SHOW AVAILABLE 11/24/11.


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